An email sandbox
for software developers.

Email testing done right. Capture emails from your dev, staging, QA, or CI environment.

Set up in 5 mins

Copy & paste some SMTP credentials to send emails directly to DevMail from your application or environment.

Analyze raw emails

Analyze email content, headers, and attachments. Dig into the raw email data to debug issues.

Stop spamming customers

Avoid sending test emails to real customers. DevMail will never deliver emails to your customers.

Start testing your emails
in less than 5 mins.

Configure your app to send emails to DevMail, and we catch them for you.

Send from anywhere

Send emails to a dedicated email address or SMTP server and view them all in DevMail.

Everything in one place

Create dedicated inboxes for different environments and group inboxes by different projects.

Debug and test emails
in one place.

A central location for all of your email testing and reviewing needs.

Catch and inspect emails

HTML, text, source code, raw, headers, attachments. Test emails before you deploy to production.

Check spam score

Improve deliverability by analyzing email spam scores and validating source code.

Email testing for
your whole team.

Share and test emails with your team and speed up the QA process.

Simple team management

Invite your team and clients to give them access to your test emails. Great for reviews and QA.

One-click email sharing (coming soon)

Share a unique public link to any test email. Improve collaboration with development and QA teams.

Simple, fair pricing.

Pricing plans for teams of all sizes.
Get started for free. No credit card required.

$ 9 /mo

10,000 emails/month

5 days retention

5 inboxes

5 team members

Get started
$ 29 /mo

50,000 emails/month

30 days retention

30 inboxes

30 team members

Get started
$ 99 /mo

500,000 emails/month

30 days retention

Unlimited inboxes

Unlimited team members

Get started
Free Plan

Get started for free.

Evaluate DevMail using our free plan that includes 100 emails/month, 1 day retention, 1 inbox and a total cap of 1000 emails.


Can I try this for free?

Sure. Our free plan is pretty generous and will let you try all of our features. However, unlike our paid plans, our free plan is limited to 1,000 total emails received.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes. No questions asked, no contracts, no strings attached. Once you have canceled, you’ll still have access to your premium plan until the end of your subscription cycle.


What happen if I go over my monthly email limit?

If you reach your plan's monthly email limit, new emails will be dropped and will not appear in your inbox until you upgrade your plan or the next billing cycle begins.


Does it work with [framework]?

Probably. If you can configure your app/framework to send emails via SMTP, then it will work with DevMail.